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Balloons, balloons, and more balloonsBalloons, balloons, and more balloons

Balloons touch the child in all of us . . . and make our hearts smile.

For many years we decorated only with balloons. Hundreds of thousands of balloons. Balloons for parties, corporate events, extravaganzas, public and private grand openings of office complexes, shopping centers and furniture markets. Sporting events, festivals, political parties, banks, NASCAR races and ticker tape parades. We've celebrated presidents, governors and mayors. Balloons that create words, letters or company logos. Parade floats, castles, city scapes, American flags, columns and trees. You get the picture - WE DO IT ALL. I'm sorry we never counted how many balloons we've used over the years!

Balloons are the least expensive way to fill space with color, creativity and excitement. Our balloons are "hand tied" and we do not use metal clips. Our secret is . . . we create designs by molding the balloons and do not use prefab forms. We do not release mylar balloons and use only high-quality long-lasting 100% latex. We have teamed up with various environmental projects in order to educate the public about dealing with the biodegradable process of balloons. We pay close attention to weather, climate and airline schedules to assure safety. And we've donated many hours and thousands of balloons for non-profit organizations as a way to give back, which is always, always important to me.

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