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Hello. I'm Charlene Scharf, President and Creative Director of Any Event Décor. Thank you for clicking on my website. I hope you'll get an idea of who I am and how I work after browsing my site.

Celebration is what I love to do and I've been doing it my entire life. I see myself as a celebration artist. I have always been very visual, and your venue becomes my palette. Transformation of space is where I shine. I bring years of life and work experience to my events, and this collective experience, together with my enthusiasm, eye for design and impeccable attention to detail, has brought me a client list that's both notable and far reaching. I've spent years multi-tasking before it became a buzzword. I'm dedicated to helping clients honor the special moments—and people—in their lives. Others call it work. I call it fun!

I have a varied background of raising a family, working as a volunteer on many public and private events and owning retail party supply stores. For the past 20+ years, my tireless and talented team of artists and professionals has helped me create signature events as an international award-winning, special events production company. We offer full-service turn-key design and execution that assures your event will flow seamlessly, and we promise to exceed your goals and dazzle your guests with our strengths - integrity, passion, creativity, accountability and quality!

My passion is the process, from concepting the idea, sketching the plans, coordinating the elements, all the way through to completion—show time. But it all starts with listening to you, our client. That initial consultation is critical. Without hearing what you want or need our process breaks down. So we continue to listen throughout the process—keeping your focus and re-evaluating as we go along.

The most important thing I want you to take away from this website is that we can DO IT ALL if that's your choice. Meaning we purchase the flowers for your event and our experienced staff arranges them. If signs and graphics are called for, others of our staff create your images. If balloons are part of your vision, our in-house balloon artists get to work. I have a warehouse full of custom props, fabric, linens, stage sets, centerpieces, lights, balloons and signage available to make your event come to life. We make the magic happen. Our team stands ready to help you create your vision and make it a reality. Your reality!

Special events are a collaborative effort. You have made the hardest decision already - deciding to host an event. Now take that important second step. Call me. Let's get together to discuss how to create an outstanding corporate event . . . an elegant wedding . . . or an enchanted fantasy. The options are limitless!

Charlene Scharf
President and Creative Director

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